How to Submit Art


We are currently seeking interested artists to participate in the gallery event. Chosen artists will be able to sell their displayed work at the show. To apply, send information about your work and display requirements to

We are not doing a juried show, it's more or less on a first come first serve basis until we have enough entries to fill the space.

Artists must submit work that is accessible to the visually impaired, i.e. art that can be touched, picked up, handled, smelled listened to, or that otherwise engages the senses besides sight. This will be a hands-on gallery experience, so artists accept the risks this may incur.

First, we'll need some pics of your work that show what kind of art you create. You can send pictures that are representative of your work. We won't need images of the actual pieces you'll be showing until closer to the date of the exhibit.

Second, we need to know how you want to display your work (wall hung, on a table, or free-standing), what size it is, and how many pieces you will be displaying so we can be sure to accommodate everyone we can without conflicts in displays. We'd also like to know if you plan to sell sell your work at the show. Entered work must remain displayed until the end of the exhibit on October 15th.

Third, we need an artist bio, just a few paragraphs about you and your art, we want to know what motivates you.

Fourth, We will need a detailed written description of each piece you enter for an audio tag. It doesn't have to be a lot, but please give enough detail to paint a mental picture of your piece.

That's it! We will review every entry and include as many as we can in the show. Entry deadline is September 1st, 2022.

A waiver of liability will be required for each artist stating that you are responsible for insuring your work if you so choose, and stating that you understand this is a tactile hands-ON show where patrons will be touching and holding the art pieces on display.

Upon submission and acceptance, an artist agreement will be e-mailed to the artist. It can be filled out and returned electronically or by mail on or before September 15th, 2022

The body of the agreement is below for your reference.

Text of the required artist agreement:

I, the artist, understand and agree that the Beyond Vision Art Experience located in Dayton, Ohio is allowing me to display items on loan in its gallery from October 14th 2022 through October 15th 2022 for the purpose of the accessible sensory exhibition. The Artist is expected to leave the work displayed for the complete time unless written permission is received from the curator to remove the work earlier. All work must be dry and ready to display, properly framed and wired for hanging or otherwise prepared for display. The artist understand􀂕 that this will be a tactile art experience and that patrons will be touching the displayed artwork. The Artist represents themselves as the sole legal owner of all rights, titles and interests in all artwork submitted. Beyond Vision Art carries no insurance for loss or damage to artwork in the exhibit, nor assumes liability for the same. Artist should provide own coverage, but is not required. Artist grants permission for Beyond Vision Art to reproduce their name, information describing their work, representations of their work and any other information they have provided for the purpose of display, promotion and publicity either now or in the future. Artist agrees to display, pack, transport, and provide for the return of their artwork at their own risk and expense. If Artist is not available on-site to display, re-pack or re-transport their work, they give permission to the gallery to do so on their behalf at their own risk and expense. Artist agrees to transport items on or before the Opening Date and shall be removed from the gallery’s premises on the end date above, unless otherwise noted in a written agreement between the parties. Works left over 30 days beyond the end date become the property of Beyond Vision Art and it's curator. No fees will be collected from the exhibitor and all sales are the responsibility of the artist. A complete list of artworks lent to the gallery is provided below for inventory and display purposes only (please use back side if applicable). The artist agrees to allow the gallery to promote photographs and videos of artworks in print, web, social media, television, or any other medium.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY ACKNOWLEDGED: The Artist understands and agrees they have read the conditions and agrees to abide by said conditions while releasing Beyond Vision Art and its owners and curators from liability for loss or damage to works lent. The Artist shall assume any responsibility or obligation for any loss or damaged item(s). It is further understood that items on display are not and will not be covered under any insurance policy owned by the hosting venue or Beyond Vision Art and it is the artist’s burden of cost. This waiver will be kept on file for up to one year following the exhibit. Reasonable security measures will be taken during the exhibit to ensure the safety of the works on display.