Vol. 1 Issue 1

August 2022

Hello Everyone! This is the fist edition of the Beyond Vision Gazette where you'll find news, information, and musings about the emerging world of multi-sensory art and info on upcoming Beyond Vision events.

"Sometimes you need the dark in order to see the light" - Bob Ross

We are currently searching for artists to enter their multi-sensory art in our October show. Please visit BeyondVisionart.com and click on the “Art Submissions” link for details. There is no fee to enter, display, or sell your art.

Artist Spotlight: Rachel Gadsden

I recently connected with a truly amazing woman and artist. Rachel Gadsden is a world renowned visual artist.She has been disabled her whole life, and for the last 15 years has been suffering from an eye disorder called Retinoschisis. A disorder that causes the layers of the retinas to separate and leads to fragmented vision. None of this has stopped her from becoming a fantastic artist, and advocate for the disabled art community. Rachel has been the recipient of many awards, and honort\s including an art scholarship to work in Milan, Italy, an honorary doctorate, and having works commissioned by the British Parliament, and FIFA World Championship. Rachel is truly an inspiration, and strong advocate for the visually impaired, and disabled artist communities. Visit www.rachelgadsden.com for more information on her, and what she’s up to.

Beyond Vision Happenings

This month on Saturday the 6th Beyond Vision will have a pop-up summer gallery at Art In The City in downtown Dayton in front of the International Peace Museum. The event is from 1 to 5 pm. Hope to see you there!

Molly was interviewed by Penn Street on the AfterSight PodCast. Her episode will air on Thursday, August 25th and can be heard here: https://aincolorado.org/audio-publications/aftersight/

Have some free time you’d like to donate? We are always looking for volunteers to help before, during, or after the shows. Email us at Info@BeyondVisionArt.com to sign up.

That's it for this month. For late breaking news follow us on FaceBook.

Until Next Time, my friends!